The Hotel

The rooms

PlayaScondida hotel was created to bring a very personal and exclusive stay to our guests. Our two story bungaloos comfortably accomodates 1 room per floor, and since we kept our hotel to be maximum 2 bungaloos, each of the 4 bedrooms can rapidly transform to fit each need of our guests.

Our rooms must deliver the best night ever (which in order to achieve it our linens have incredibly soft hypoallergenic cotton, over incredible matresses and dim lighting in a reenergizing surrounding where the sound of nature primes.


Our rooms are made in a modular way for guests to design their accomodation according to what they envision in their stay. It can become doorless or very few walls, windowless, gardens or ocean views. The accomodation will always be about what customers want.

Each room was thought to have unique experiences (in colors, textures, finishes, climate, space) by combining artisanry artifacts and total comfort surrounded by nature with complete privacy.

Each bathroom is filled with little details and constantly surprise our guests by its ammenities. While we deliver a very elite service, we keep our Eco-Friendly phylosophy.

Enjoy our incredible plans